9 Apr

Hello! That’s normally a good way to start most encounters with someone of whom you’re less familiar. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Heisenbird and I have taken it upon myself to begin this blog for the sole reason of…well, why the hell not? We all need an outlet and this shall be mine. The intention of this blog is to hopefully provide another view on a world that is capable of being incredible, stunning, ridiculous, extraordinary, tedious, frustrating and bizarre, all at the same time.

My plan is to illustrate through the power of my words and the unique way in which I arrange them, the joyous absurdity, the tragic beauty and the peculiar wonders that this world throws at us. These might range from my perspective on current affairs, technology, art and all the other guff that gets splashed across newspapers and home pages every day, to the more obscure, delicious curios that nestle deeper underground and which require uprooting for our examination and if possible, enjoyment. If anything, this will simply be my daily column.

Of course with an exercise such as this there is inherent risk. That I might offend, say something I shouldn’t, get a fact or two wrong or just generally twang a nerve the wrong way. This is not my intention and if so, I would like to make it clear that I am more than happy to receive your feedback and views. If I deem it necessary, based on your feedback, I will alter/remove any content that is deemed incorrect or, from a rather more selfish point of view, anything that may require my presence in the dock! Bear in mind that this is merely one individual’s opinion and thus, is not intended to reflect the views of anyone else.

If I can encourage debate amongst you, then more power to you. We are a far more connected species than we were twenty years ago. If I can plant a seed that grows into something that unites people in constructive and thoughtful chatter, than I shall be happy. Simple. Other times that may not happen at all; I may just prattle on about a dream I had involving Michael Buerk, Axl Rose and a large block of Cheddar cheese. You have been warned.

Had I had the impulse to set up this blog a few hours earlier, I would have shared my thoughts on the obvious and unmissable story of the day: the passing of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. As things stand, I am too tired, I have work tomorrow and it is late. If I start now I would be up until the flatulent sparrow releases his morning valve, ruining any chance of me being awake in time and more importantly, actually being able to do my day job. Given that this opening post will be going live after midnight, I would expect there to be two posts on Tuesday. The one you are currently reading, and the other which will go live in the evening. Oh, and expect the appearance to change over time as I tweak and fine tune it.

So, I have set out my stall and now I must retire. This bird needs his nest. Good night.


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