The Microsoft saga continues; Mission accomplished, seven years later…

12 Apr

Afternoon to you all. The sun was out earlier and is now shrouded in grey, but you get the impression it’s doing its damndest to try and force its way out. By the time I’m finished later, it will hopefully have succeeded and I can take a leisurely stroll to greener areas of my ‘burb, notably the park. But this is England. I am deluding myself.

From green pastures of Bristol to the troubled lands of Microsoft. On Wednesday I wrote about Microsoft and how their PR could be best be described as “a tad up the shitter”. I touched upon how they’ve not been helped by their creative director Adam Orth’s rather foolish comments over Twitter defending “always online” technology. Well, you can now make that ex-creative director. Late that night news broke that Orth has now left the company. No other information is available currently as to whether he left or was – as appears rather more likely – told to “just sign here” and then clear his desk.

Well, colour me not in the least bit surprised. If you take to Twitter, start spouting absolute guff about why DRM is apparently a good thing and how we should all “#dealwithit”, then you are quite frankly asking for trouble. Damaging your employer’s image in any way is usually grounds for serious disciplinary action. To do so in a way that makes you and your employer look like a giant herd of bastards (which Orth has succeeded in doing) could mean only one thing: damage control. Microsoft have no choice but to send Orth on his way and one wonders what their next step might be.

Saying nothing probably.


In other news, I am finally off to see my beloved Arsenal at the futuristic alien spacecraft that is the Emirates Stadium. To say I am excited is putting it mildly. It’s the game against Wigan and is the last home match of the season. It’s only taken me seven years to get there but now I can finally watch my team at their new(ish) home. I cannot wait. I will be back tomorrow with a look at the match against Norwich tomorrow, so apologies for the brisk nature of this post. Busy, busy at the moment.

Have a cracking day and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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