Raoul Boat

20 Apr

Hello. This will probably be a short one as it’s late, my mood isn’t much better than it was a couple of days ago and I’m a tad sleepy. We’ll see how we go.

As I write this, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19 year old, suspected bomber of Boston’s marathon on Monday has been captured by the authorities after being surrounded having taken to hiding in a boat. Firstly, and on a serious note, I must express my most sincere and heartfelt relief that the Boston Police and FBI were able to do this at all. I had honestly feared the worst, given what happened at MIT on Thursday night. It is an amazing feat that they were able to (I assume) talk Tsarnaev into giving himself up at all. The questions I have left though, are about the amount of evidence that they have with which they could charge him with – how much do they have? And will Tsarnaev get a fair trial if charged? What part did he play in proceedings? Was it his older brother who carried out Monday’s atrocity or was he more than an accomplice? Was anyone else involved? Questions that will hopefully be answered soon as well the most important one of all – why? We shall now have to wait and see what unfolds.

What is of concern, is how this has been covered in the media. As a Brit who has been going through something of an insomnia-esque phase recently, I have had time to sit and watch rolling news coverage of this rather dull event. Rolling news channels, particularly when covering a big story such as this, are just dreadful. Sure, the news reader on duty at the time has to fill the air with something. Just don’t keep asking people how many fucking vehicles they can see. It’s television. We can see that. In fact, the whole thing was reminiscent of the ending of The Blues Brothers. It was almost farcical.

But what really twanged a nerve was one BBC News reporter who sounded like the “Gap Yah” man. You know, the guy who just…chundered everywhere! I knew that he was taking the piss with those videos, but I never thought these subjects of our ridicule could actually get a job at the Beeb. The mind boggles.

What was also rather irksome was the blanket coverage given to overweight men with their 1980’s moustaches, huge machine guns (or assault weapons – I can’t remember how US lawmakers categorise these instruments of death) simply standing around looking bored. At first when the cheers erupted in celebration of Tsarnaev’s arrest, I thought the Krispy Kreme delivery man had arrived. Nothing was going on whatsoever. You’d have been hard pressed to believe there had actually been an earthquake in China.  It was just stultifying, yet seemingly the only thing that mattered. I mean come on! Three Americans died on Monday, who cares about all the people who died in Iraq on Monday when 20 different explosions killed over 30 people? And fuck the Chinese, they’re commies. BOO!

The sheer ignorance purveyed by American media has been alarming. Whether it was a Fox News anchor saying over the course of the evening, before the suspect’s capture:

“All sorts of people running in the Marathon will now be running in the wheelchair marathon.”

Or the rather more common running theme over the last 12 hours, that of associating these brothers with Russia as much as possible, despite the fact they’re Chechnyan. CNN referred to them at one point as being from the Czech Republic I think. Ignorance on such a large scale is frightening, especially when it’s being beamed into the thick skulls of those kids who didn’t pay attention to Teacher at school. And perhaps what riled me up even more, was the labelling of the Tsarnaev brothers as terrorists.

Now as far as I know, terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in order to create an environment and feeling of fear, and most importantly, to further a political agenda. These are two brothers who have apparently been “radicalised” (which no doubt meant they wanted to make things go BOOM! and for people to go SPLAT! That’s what brown people do, right?) based on speculation by those who populate Twitter and the mainstream media & press. And people have lapped it up. As a modern culture and people, the staunch anti-Islamic sentiments that are broadcast as if fact, is problematic to say the least. As for labelling someone a terrorist? Not without evidence please. George W Bush and Tony Blair fall under this umbrella term with far more certainty in my eyes than the Tsarnaev brothers. We knew Bush & Blair’s agenda, and they then went to great lengths to fabricate the evidence (which ironically goes to corroborate my point) in order to justify their murdering of over one million innocent people. Terrorists in my eyes, or to use a less technical term – cunts.

The sad truth is we are becoming more divided as a species, more barriers are being erected between people of different faiths, races and ideologies, and the internet is perpetuating it by giving everyone a soapbox from which to spout their views. As technology progresses, so human thought regresses. The machines we invent, whilst freeing us in some ways, can surely only serve to metamorphose into something far more sinister. What that is I don’t know, but it sounds like something from Adam Curtis’ three-part documentary series All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you check it out. It is truly excellent.

Now, my brain is slowly turning into pâté and I should cease my rata-tat-tatting at this ungodly hour. This has not been the most brilliantly structred piece of writing I’ve ever published that’s for sure. The sooner I stop with this drivel the better. Sleep well, especially those of you in Boston. My heart goes out to you all and I hope you never have to go through another week like the one you have now.

Peace, love and I’ll see you anon.


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