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The Cataracts that Obscured the Po-Faced Reflection

12 Sep

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I no longer know what is offensive, though I am aware that my poverty stricken grammar and punctuation skills will normally stir a kraken or two. (this has been written very quickly, so be prepared to slavver Grammarian beasts)

Today, it was a tweet about JMW Turner.
I thought it was just a silly joke, I was wrong.

“rather than go to the JMW Turner exhibition, I am going to save money by spending a day walking along the Thames without my glasses on.”

I tweeted that, then went off for a cup of tea and a small slice of chocolate cake.
I didn’t mean it as an attack on Turner, it’s a bit late for that. It was meant as a silly money saving tip idea (I see the new Viz is out) and also based on stories that his style was partly down to cataracts and, in later…

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